aluminum insect screening features

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    Part 2: Aluminum Insect Screening Features – 6 Things you should know about Aluminum Insect Screen

    Aluminum Insect Screening Features is :

    • Anti-Corrosion: In coastal area or high corrosion place, it is necessary for each house or any other building needs the mosquito / insect out.
    • Light-Weight: The Aluminum insect screening, coming from woven wire mesh, is lightweight only 1/3rd the weight of stainless wire mesh.
    • High-Visibility: Aluminum Insect Screening is plain woven fabric made by aluminum-magnesium alloy wires and the space is evenly divided as rectangle or square. The mesh opening preserves the beautiful view outside the window, door or porch.
    • Strong & Durable: As top quality window screen, Aluminum insect screen mesh is strengthened during production and the surface is finished protectively. With free-maintenance, it will not rust and sag in long life usage.
    • Air Ventilation: The different mesh size keeps high air ventilation as high as 85%.
    • Colors Option: Besides the original stainless steel color, Aluminum insect screen could be black, brown, silver or charcoal color finish.
    • Easy transportation and Installation: The aluminum insect screen is packed in roll and each roll is put inside one cartons. For installation, it is not hard as DIY easily with tools.