Aluminum Insect Screening

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    Part 3: Why Aluminum Insect Screening- 6 Things you should know about Aluminum Insect Screen

    You may know something about window screen or Aluminum Insect Screening from previous posts. Yes a window screen (also known as insect screen, bug screen, fly screen, wire mesh) is designed to cover the opening of a window. The window screen can be made from different kinds of materials but aluminum alloy is a good option. Here are a few reasons to use aluminum window screen mesh for your building protection.

    (1) You’re keeping the insects out easily while you get airflow through the windows.

    (2) The Aluminum insect screening is keeping leaves, debris, spiders, insects, birds, and other animals from entering a building or a screened structure such as a window, door, porch or patio.

    (3) The Aluminum insect screen mesh can prevent entry of sunlight and heat in hot regions. It helps you reduce the cooling cost and also prevent damage to carpets, floors and furniture.

    (4) If you are keen to make some areas more styles, the aluminum insect screen provides the right solutions. You can have different colors and size of the screen mesh.

    (5) Its durability and strength prevent rust and does not sag. The aluminum alloy mesh not only shows superior strength and durability but when it oxidizes, the screen stays protected from corrosion.